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These 3M 9502+ vertical folding masks with headbands are available in a standard size.

The 9502+ was recently granted CDC NIOSH approval in May, 2020. The NIOSH approval number is 84A-8637.

The 9502+ was amongst the models that 3M worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to import into the United States during the initial COVID response.

These masks are also approved for use by the FDA Emergency Use Authorization under Appendix A.

The 9502+ is manufactured by 3M China Co. Ltd. per the GB 2626-2006 standard. Its recently attained CDC NIOSH approval in the United States comes as an addition to its original KN95 certification.


Please note that the 9502+ mask may have been manufactured and packaged prior to obtaining CDC NIOSH approval, and therefore may not yet bear updated NIOSH labeling.


  • Shelf life of unopened product is 5 years from date of manufacture
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to +86°F
  • Maximum Relative Humidity: <80%
Pack Size

Bag of 50, Box of 500, Sample of 1, Pack of 10


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