• 3Ply ASTM Level 3 Medical Mask


    PRODUCT & MANUFACTURER DETAILS These 3ply, level 3 masks manufactured by BYD Care. BYD manufactures in China and has received media attention for supplying the State of California with hundreds of millions of masks. The 3ply mask is comprised of a polypropylene spunbond nonwoven layers on the exterior with a polypropylene meltblown layer in between. Specifications include: Meets ASTM F2100 Level III…

  • 3Ply ASTM Level 3 Medical Mask



    This is a case of 600 antibacterial cotton/polyester cloth masks with earloops distributed by Platinum Group. The mask comes in both adult and child sizes.

    Test Results:

    • Antibacterial nano coating
      • Can be washed 30 times and still maintain maximum antibacterial efficiency
      • Test result by Bureau Veritas: 99.9% reduction (Staphylococcus aureus / Klebsiella pneumoniae) / After 30 times washing: 92.59% reduction (same as above)
    • Waterproof outerwear
      • The water-resistant function helps to protect not only raindrops but also other people’s splashes. * Test result by Bureau Veritas: 8.0CMWS / S
    • UV cut
      • * Test result by Bureau Veritas: 99.375% blocking (UV-A, 315-400nm) 99.878% blocking (UV-B, 280-315nm)
    • Cotton blend
      • Comfortable to wear even if worn for a long time
      • Fits both men and women


    Intended for consumer and commercial use.

    Instructions for use are on the product package.


    Case dimensions: 21.3 x 14.2 x 19.7 inches.

    Case weight: approx. 24.2 pounds.

    Each case of 600 contains 3 pcs/bag.

  • 3ply Medical Masks (ASTM Level 1 Equivalent) BFE of 99


    PRODUCT & MANUFACTURER DETAILS 3ply medical masks (ASTM Level 1 equivalent) with elastic ear loops manufactured by Tianjin Saiyuan (FDA FEI: 3016748768) BFE: 99 PFE: 94 Pressure Differential: 1.4 mm H20/cm2 Fluid resistant No flame spread 3.1 inch nose clip Test Report PACKAGING Boxes of 50 pieces Cases contain 2000 pieces, or 40 boxes Case dimensions: 14.5 x 15.7 x 21.3 inches Weight…

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