Gown Level-3

  • JoinKona SMS Isolation Gown Level 3



    This is a disposable surgical gown manufactured by Henan JoinKona Medical Products Stock Co., Ltd.

    The gown is donned overhead and secured with an apron style tie back.

    The SGS test report conducted December 5, 2016 demonstrated:

    • Water impact penetration of 0.4 g (tested according to AATCC 42-2013)
    • Hydrostatic pressure resistance of 65.2 cmH20 (tested according to AATCC 127-2013)

    Furthermore, these gowns have been rated according to the requirements under China’s GB 15979-2002 standard.


    Henan JoinKona is located in Henan Province, China. Their FDA FEI number is 3010353405, and their FDA Owner/Operator number is 10062713.


    Intended for medical use. Additional instructions for use are on the product package.


    Case dimensions: 19.7 x 17.2 x 15.7 inches.
    Case weight: approx. 18.3 pounds.

    Each case contains 100 gowns.

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