• Face Shields


    THE PRODUCT Face shields provide a lightweight splash and anti-fog barrier for applications where exposure to fluids is possible. They are constructed from a single PE optical shield with a removable film for protection in shipping and handling. The headband is constructed from a foam brow that provides comforting cushioning and ventilation for extreme environments. The elastic headband is self…

  • Head Coverings (Bouffants)


    PRODUCT DETAILS This is a case of [#] head coverings (bouffants) manufactured by Xinxiang Huakang Sanitary Material, Co. Ltd. [Specifications] These [item type] have been rated according to the requirements under [country]’s [standard]. A [date] test conducted by [inspection agency] concluded that the product has [test results] MANUFACTURER DETAILS Xinxiang Huakang is located in Henan Province, China. Their FDA FEI number is 3016906303, and…

  • Shoe Covers


    PRODUCT DETAILS This is a case of 5000 shoe covers manufactured by Henan Tuoren Best Medical Device, Co. Ltd. MANUFACTURER DETAILS Henan Tuoren is located in Henan Province, China. Their FDA Owner/Operator Number is 10075482. USAGE DETAILS Instructions for use are on the product package. PACKAGING Case dimensions: 24.8 x 17.7 x 22 inches. Case weight: approx. 10 pounds.

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